Ottawa’s Own

Guy Hobeika


“Ottawa launched my whole career. I love filming here because everything is close to me. I’m not a visitor. I’m a part of it now.” 

Guy was born and raised in Beirut before planting firm roots in Ottawa. With over 228k+ subscribers on YouTube, Guy started his entire influencer career right here in Canada’s capital and it’s been the backdrop to his zany content ever since. By day, Guy was a communication engineering student at Carleton University but by night, his creativity took him viral with his Snapchat art. After graduation, he channelled that creativity into YouTube and has been filming nearly every day since. Guy’s love of pranks, his unwillingness to back down from any food challenge, and his dedication to the artistry that got him started are all reasons why this Ottawa influencer is thriving. His genuine love for the city shines through and it’s clear the city loves him right back.


Best Barber: Drippy at Dep
Tastiest snacks: MidEast
Yummiest delicacy: Suzy Q Donuts
Peaceful place: Airport Parkway watching the planes fly overhead

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