Rideau Canal, Fall

Weather and seasons

Ottawa is a year-round destination with four very distinct seasons to experience!


Ottawa was made for summer! Beautiful summer heat and long, sun-filled days are common from June to August, making it the perfect weather for outdoor adventures, open-air festivals and sipping craft beers on a patio.


Fall is a breathtaking time to explore Ottawa. As the temperature cools and the air becomes crisp, the leaves begin to turn beautiful shades of red, orange and gold. This weather is best enjoyed on outdoor hikes and local farmers markets.


Ottawa usually receives a considerable amount of snow in the winter and temperatures do become quite cold, making it the perfect time to experience a true winter wonderland! Must do’s include grabbing a hot chocolate and skating the world’s largest frozen rink – the Rideau Canal Skateway.


April showers bring May flowers, and in no place is it truer than in Ottawa. With moderate amounts of rain signalling the return of spring, over a million tulips bloom in response across the capital. Once you can spot cyclists along the recreational pathways, it is officially spring in Ottawa!

Current weather


Average daily highs and lows

Month high (°C) low (°C) high (°F) low (°F)
January -5° -15° 23°
February -4° -13° 25°
March -6° 36° 21°
April 11° 52° 32°
May 19° 66° 45°
June 24° 12° 75° 54°
July 26° 15° 79° 59°
August 25° 14° 77° 57°
September 20° 68° 48°
October 13° 55° 37°
November -2° 41° 28°
December -3° -11° -27° 12°

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