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Follow these steps to include your event

  • Provide information in both English and French if possible.
  • Provide as much notice as possible. Weeks or months in advance are recommended.
    • Events submitted days prior are not likely to be included.
    • Please let us know immediately of any changes to the event details.
  • Don’t include programming details and pricing.
    • The listing allows for a basic description with a phone number, website, address and image only.
  • Don’t repeat information such as the name of the event or its location in the event field.
  • Write in the third person. Don’t use “we” or “our”.

Photo submission rules

  • Please ensure there is no text on the photo as we crop and resize images as needed.
    • We reserve the right to final approval of images.

Make sure your event meets these parameters

  • Events should have broad appeal, however, some “quirky” events showcasing the Ottawa destination’s diversity are included.
  • Events must be events or activities in which tourists can participate.
    • Events requiring pre-registration aren’t appropriate unless the event attracts a significant number of spectators.

General information

  • Events that take place over several days rather than just one are ideal.
  • An attempt is made to balance the listings by venue.

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