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Member spotlight: The Canadian Museum of Nature

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With its historic castle-like setting, modern amenities and engaging exhibits, the Canadian Museum of Nature is an ideal meeting venue in one of Canada's most cosmopolitan cities.

Centrally located within walking distance of Ottawa’s major attractions and convention centres, this century-old Gothic-style castle is a crowning achievement of architectural design and detail. Historical highlights blend effortlessly with a completely renovated interior where Canada's natural treasures like dinosaur fossils, animals and geological wonders are presented. Delegates get after-hours access to these fascinating exhibits as well as special opportunities to mingle or dance below a giant sculpture of the moon in the illuminated Queen’s Lantern. 

Large or small, private, or corporate, the museum can accommodate all sorts of events and visitor needs thanks to its diverse product and service offerings. The establishment typically host meetings, conventions, stand-up events, sit-down dinners, weddings, and any other sort of in-person festivity in its unique exhibition galleries.

To prioritize visitors' and clients' health and safety during the COVID-19 pandemic, the museum has been adapting their facility rental services based on restrictions and guidelines, as well as industry best practices. Depending on the current situation, they may be able to offer new hybrid options which offer guests the benefits of an on-site physical space as well as online event options through various digital platforms. The museum may also significantly reduce the number of attendees able to participate in the in-person option, scatter arrival times, and seat guests based on the proper physical distancing protocols. Lastly, given these adjustments, the museum offers reduced rental rates based on a sliding scale. 

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