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Wesley Clover Parks is a four-season outdoor recreation hub, sports training facility, and entertainment events venue that aims to connect people of all ages with nature and the outdoors. A hidden gem within the city limits of Canada's Capital, Wesley Clover Parks is found nestled among a mature forest in Ottawa's Greenbelt while offering the convenience of the city. It is located just west of the junction of 416 and 417 highways, only 15 minutes from downtown and the Parliament Buildings.

With close to 500 acres of wide-open space, Wesley Clover Parks is primarily an outdoor venue offering diverse landscapes for event organizers to create unique, and most importantly safe, experiences for their guests. Whether you are looking for intimate tree-filled setting or open space with ample parking, Wesley Clover Parks provides a venue for athletic events, drive-in and drive-through experiences, large-scale gatherings and beyond. Their professionally engineered RBC Festival Field and stage pad is also equipped to support stages, stadium seating and other infrastructure.

This year has presented many challenges for event organizers across the globe. Wesley Clover Parks and their many programming partners have collaborated with the City of Ottawa and relevant industry associations to successfully reopen their horseback riding school and neighboring 177-site campground, while simultaneously running National-level equestrian competitions, education at the Ottawa Forest & Nature School, soccer training sessions, and popular drive-in events. The success of this year’s programming and events is a testament to the strict Covid-19 protocols in place that have ensured the safety of all involved while also allowing events to run uninterrupted. As we all move forward discovering new ways to overcome present challenges, the team at Wesley Clover Parks will work with event planners to ensure the park is a safe space for their team and guests to enjoy remarkable events.

The health and safety of our team and visitors to Wesley Clover Parks is of the utmost importance to everyone here. Overcoming the new challenges that Covid-19 has presented has required a lot of thought and effort, but it has been very satisfying to see the positive impacts that this work has had on our community,” said Karen Sparks, Executive Director of Wesley Clover Parks. “Our joint Health & Safety committee has stepped up to work with our team members, partners, and public health authorities to ensure all of our activities and events are hosted in a safe and responsible manner.”

Learn more about hosting an event at Wesley Clover Parks here.

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