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An open letter to Ottawa business, academic, and association leaders

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You help shape Ottawa’s global reputation for innovation and excellence

You are a leader in your field. You’ve worked hard to build your reputation. You’ve cultivated contacts around the world. You’ve attended conferences (virtually for the past year) and maybe you’ve even spoken at a few. You are the face of Ottawa to people in your industry.

Ottawa Tourism wants to partner with you to showcase your contributions to your industry.

Together, we can continue to build Ottawa’s reputation as a city that leads in many important sectors—including Life Sciences, Technology and Engineering. By working to build your profile, you will help our business events industry return to its place as a major contributor to Ottawa’s economic well-being; an industry that in 2019 welcomed 183,000 delegates who spent more than $130 million in our city.

We’ve already worked with a hundred local leaders to attract and host successful meetings and conferences here, taking full advantage of all the amenities that Canada’s capital region has to offer. All while shining the spotlight on the incredible work being done here.

You understand the power of bringing people together—the connections and opportunities that arise when people gather to exchange ideas and advance their shared areas of expertise.

Work with Ottawa Tourism to understand the financial support that’s available to help you achieve your goals and tap into our complimentary assistance in building an event hosting proposal. We’ll connect you with local expertise, venues and services that will elevate you and your event onto a national or international stage. While the world is still wrestling with the pandemic, planning for business events often has a horizon of a few years, meaning you can start building your legacy project immediately!

Please connect with us today to find out more about bringing your event to Ottawa.


Michael Crockatt
President & CEO
Ottawa Tourism

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