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Bytown Museum

Located along the Rideau Canal Locks, the Bytown Museum is a significant cultural and historical location that provides a glimpse into Ottawa's formative years. The museum occupies the oldest stone building in the city, constructed in 1827 by Colonel John By. 

It showcases the rich history of Ottawa, from its beginnings as Bytown, a lumber town, to its transformation into Canada's capital city. The museum's diverse exhibits feature artifacts, photographs and narratives that illustrate the lives of early settlers, the development of the canal and the city's growth. 

You can explore the personal stories of the people who shaped Ottawa, making the Bytown Museum a valuable resource for understanding the city's past and its cultural evolution.

Canada Agriculture and Food Museum

Ottawa is home to a large working farm right within the city! Situated on this farm is the Canada Agriculture and Food Museum, a unique museum dedicated to Canada's agricultural heritage and contemporary food production. 

The museum offers a hands-on experience with farm animals, interactive exhibits, a demonstration kitchen and daily visitor interactions that illustrate the journey of food from farm to table. It highlights the science and innovation behind modern agriculture, showcasing the latest advancements in farming technology and sustainable practices. 

Diving deep into the history of agriculture in Canada, you can explore the contributions of farmers and the evolution of farming techniques. 

Canada Aviation and Space Museum

The Canada Aviation and Space Museum is the go-to place for aviation and space enthusiasts, offering a captivating exploration of Canada's aerospace history and achievements. The museum's collection includes over 130 aircraft and spacecraft, ranging from early biplanes to modern jets and space exploration artifacts. 

You can marvel at iconic artifacts like the nose of the Avro Arrow and learn about the pioneering efforts of Canadian astronauts in space missions. The museum provides interactive exhibits and educational programs that highlight the science and technology behind aviation and space travel, making it a great learning environment for all ages. 

Canada Science and Technology Museum

The Canada Science and Technology Museum features state-of-the-art exhibits that provide interactive and immersive experiences for people of all ages. From the history of transportation and communications to advancements in space exploration and renewable energy, the museum highlights a wide range of scientific fields. 

Iconic artifacts, such as the locomotives and the "Crazy Kitchen" exhibit and the historic CSTM steam engine, offer a unique interactive experience. The museum's educational programs, hands-on workshops and special events make science accessible and fun! 

Canadian Museum of History

Designed by renowned architect Douglas Cardinal, the Canadian Museum of History is the most visited museum in Canada! The museum houses an extensive collection of artifacts, exhibits and interactive displays that span thousands of years, from the earliest human habitation to modern times. 

Notable features include the Grand Hall, showcasing indigenous cultures with its stunning totem poles and indigenous artworks and the Canadian History Hall, which provides an in-depth narrative of Canada’s past. 

The museum is also an educational centre, hosting a variety of temporary exhibits, public programs and research activities.

Canadian Museum of Nature

Located in a magnificent Gothic Revival building, the Canadian Museum of Nature offers a variety of exhibits that showcase the wonders of the natural world, from dinosaur skeletons to mineral displays and dioramas of Canadian wildlife. 

Explore galleries focused on earth sciences, mammals, birds and aquatic life, each providing a detailed look at the complex interrelationships within ecosystems. The museum also features special exhibitions, interactive displays and educational programs perfect for people of all ages. 

Canadian War Museum

Through comprehensive exhibits and extensive artifact collections, the Canadian War Museum offers a deep dive into Canada's involvement in global conflicts, from early colonial wars to contemporary peacekeeping missions. 

The museum's modern architecture reflects its solemn subject matter. Highlights include the extensive collection of military vehicles, weaponry and personal stories of soldiers and civilians, which together showcase the impact of war. 

The museum also features thought-provoking displays on the causes and consequences of war, emphasizing the importance of remembrance and education. 

Diefenbunker: Canada’s Cold War Museum

The Diefenbunker: Canada's Cold War Museum, offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself into the chilling era of the Cold War. 

Housed in a once-secret underground bunker, built to protect key government officials in the event of a nuclear attack, the museum offers a fascinating glimpse into Canada's defense strategy during this tense period. 

You can explore the labyrinthine corridors, decontamination rooms, command centres and living quarters that make up the four-story subterranean facility. The museum's exhibits feature a wealth of artifacts, including communication equipment, military uniforms and personal items that reveal the daily life and operations within the bunker. 

Through guided tours, educational programs and interactive displays, the Diefenbunker vividly brings to life the anxieties and preparations of the Cold War, providing a historical experience and highlighting the importance of peace and security in today's world.

National Gallery of Canada

Housed in an iconic modernist building designed by architect Moshe Safdie, the National Gallery of Canada’s striking glass and granite structure is a landmark in the capital city. Inside, you can explore a vast array of artworks spanning centuries, including Canadian masterpieces, Indigenous art, contemporary works, European classics and photography. 

Highlights include the Group of Seven, Tom Thomson and Emily Carr, whose works celebrate Canada's natural beauty and cultural heritage. The gallery also hosts temporary exhibitions, educational programs and public events, making it a dynamic place for artistic exploration and appreciation. 

With its diverse collections and engaging activities, the National Gallery of Canada not only preserves and promotes the Canada's artistic legacy but also fosters a deeper understanding and love for the visual arts.

Royal Canadian Mint

The Royal Canadian Mint is responsible for producing Canada's circulation coins and a variety of commemorative and collector coins celebrated for their craftsmanship and innovation. Established in 1908, the Mint has grown to become a global leader in coinage, renowned for its advanced technology and artistic excellence. 

Take guided tours to witness the fascinating process of coin production, from the initial design to the final striking. The tour also highlights the Mint's achievements in creating coins with unique features, such as holograms, selective plating and advanced security elements. 

Additionally, the Mint produces medals, bullion coins and tokens, serving both domestic and international markets. 

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