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Must try summer craft beers in Ottawa

With summer finally here you’re going to want a few good thirst-quenching craft beers on hand and we’ve got just the list of new releases from Ottawa breweries you’ll want to check out this season. Whether you’re looking for an easy porch sipping Pilsner for your next distant hangout or a smooth summer Stout that pairs perfectly with grilling, there’s a craft beer for that. Whatever the occasion, here are 10 craft beers to get you started this summer. 

Note: These beers are available for pick up or delivery as of the publishing date, while supplies last. Many breweries also have their patios open to the public. Please contact businesses directly to confirm.

Biju by Nita Beer 

Legend has it that this beer has some mythical powers, combining strong tropical aromas and flavour with an unfiltered, crisp bright colour. Each batch of this Brut IPA is made with varying hops to keep every can unique and interesting. With a rainbow coloured Biju unicorn on the label, this beer was crafted for the daydreamers. 

Frederico by Kichesippi Beer Co. 

Is there any honour quite like getting a beer named after yourself? Frederico is an easy drinking Mexican Cerveza making it the perfect cool down from heat wave weekends. Named after Kichesippi’s very own jack-of-all-trades, Fred Kenny, who’s been a go to brewer, mechanic, packing line manager and carpenter. So, when Fred said his favourite beer was a lager, they made one just for him.  

Hazy Four-Four by Big Rig Brewery  

Prepare for bold flavours of lemon-lime, mint cream and graham cracker with a citrusy pineapple and papaya aroma. This sessionable Hazy IPA combines whirlpool hops and dry-hopping techniques to create a brew low in bitterness but with an unmistakable zesty and bright taste. Hazy Four-Four finishes off clean with just a hint of malt sweetness, making it the right choice to bring out at your next socially distanced patio party. 

Electric Mayhem DDHIPA by Ridge Rock Brewing Company  

If you’ve never had a DDHIPA, you’re in for a treat because this double dry hopped IPA packs a hoppy citrus punch. The two hop varietals that make up Electric Mayhem are citra and mosaic and is fermented with their own in-house yeast that plays a subtle roll in the taste. Notes of orange juice, grapefruit, mango and hints of lime make up this beers flavour profile, which is why it’s the ideal thirst-quenching summer drink.  

Tom Green Summer Stout by Beau’s Brewing Co. 

This is not your average Stout! With a deep, rich flavour and a sun-kissed golden complexion, this organic blonde milk Stout is best enjoyed outside on a hot summers’ day. Brewed with cacao nibs and infused with organic fair-trade coffee, with just a hint of sweetness from the milk sugar, the Tom Green Summer Stout is back in stock just in time for summer. And yes, Canadian actor and comedian Tom Green does approve of it! 

Civic Pilsner by Dominion City  

This easy drinking brew was inspired by the simplicity of the German Pilsner with notes of hops and a crisp, dry refreshing taste. True to it’s German style, Civic Pilsner is lagered for seven weeks and is served unfiltered, unfined and naturally carbonated. Best enjoyed after shooting a few hoops, it was dubbed the official beer of the Dominion City street basketball team, after all.  

Honey Lavender Table Beer by Flora Hall Brewery 

Toes in the water, Honey Lavender Table Beer tastes sweeter when enjoyed lakeside. In collaboration with Ridge Rock Brewing Company, this Farmhouse Ale combines French saison yeast, honey, lavender, and a touch of fresh lemon zest to give it that citrus kick with a dry and refreshing finish.  

Secret Galaxy by Stray Dog Brewing Company 

In galaxy far, far away, there’s a newly released IPA waiting to be tasted! Secret Galaxy is a love letter from Stray Dog Brewing with flavourful stand out Australian hops, an unfiltered hazy colour and a label crafted by local cartoonist, Pat Pateneaude. That’s just a few of their favourite things and you can find it all in one place and in one brew.  

Summer Solstice by Calabogie Brewing  

There’s only one way to celebrate the warmest days of the season and that’s with a nice, cold Pale Ale! With a juicy flavour profile, you’ll get notes of grapefruit, pine and citrus and a bold aroma of tropical fruit and wet pine. Summer Solstice pours colourful and cloudy with just the right level of hops and not overly bitter to the taste.    

Amiable Saison Bottle by Spark Beer 

It’s Saison season at Spark Beer with this easy drinking Belgian brew. A combination of flavours you might not expect lies within the Amiable Saison Bottle, black pepper and stone fruit come through clearly with a slight kick of herbal, fruity hops on the finish. Created with pilsner, Vienna and wheat malts, this golden nectar comes only in a chic bottle.

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