Ottawa’s Own

Briana Kim


"Now more than ever, makers and creators in Ottawa want to be the best in what they do. Not just in the city, but in the country, and you feel that energy.”

From her apartment, Briana launched her own catering business where she’d have to stay up all night swapping meal after meal in her small conventional oven to be ready by morning. A bigger kitchen is all she wanted, a trendy plant-based restaurant is what she turned it into. Café My House is full of the unexpected thanks to Briana’s fearless adoption of molecular gastronomy. Her entirely plant-based ginger-marinated mushroom “steak” was the showstopping dish at Ottawa’s Gold Medal Plates that won first place.

Ottawa Nominated

Briana Kim was selected by the Ottawa community as someone who is shaping the new DNA of Canada’s Capital. With well over 200 Ottawa citizens nominated, Briana was chosen because of her love and passion for Ottawa and her amazing talent as a Chef. We are proud to recognized Briana as Ottawa’s Chosen One.

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