Rideau Canal, Walking

Special needs visitors

  • Physically disabled drivers and/or passengers who have a valid Ontario Accessible Parking Permit (which must be clearly displayed within the vehicle) are entitled to special parking privileges. Visit the City of Ottawa’s Parking permits webpage for information.
  • All OC Transpo city busses and light rail trains are fully accessible. Para Transpo buses are used to transport patrons who cannot easily access regular bus routes and offers door-to-door service to qualified visitors. Visit the OC Transpo website or call 613-741-4390 for information.
  • Many taxicabs are accessible and are marked with special license plates to indicate so.
  • Water Taxi Eh which travels on the Ottawa River is fully accessible.
  • Some intersections with traffic lights have Accessible Pedestrian Signals (APS), which emit a sound that indicates to visually impaired pedestrians when it is safe to cross the street.
  • All national museums in Ottawa are barrier-free.
  • Outdoor parks as well as many sites in Canada’s Capital Greenbelt are accessible.
  • Fitness, recreation, aquatic, and arts programs have recently been expanded and adapted to meet the needs of the disabled.
  • Many city buildings are fully accessible.

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