Rideau Canal Skateway

Tour Times – May 2023

Currently in Ottawa, tulips are blooming all over Canada’s Capital and it is a wonderful time to visit. Planning tours for another season for Ottawa, consider Winter. Winter in Ottawa offers visitors a unique and unforgettable experience, as the city transforms into a winter wonderland that is sure to leave a lasting impression. From winter sports to exploring the city's vibrant cultural scene, there's no shortage of activities to keep visitors entertained and engaged.

One of the must-see attractions in Ottawa during the winter is the Rideau Canal Skateway, which draws visitors from around the world to skate on its frozen waters. This unique experience is a highlight of any winter visit to the city and should not be missed.

For those looking for a more cultural experience, Ottawa's many museums and galleries offer a chance to explore the city's rich history and cultural heritage, while the Winterlude festival is a celebration of all things winter, featuring ice sculptures, live music, and delicious food.

For other Winter ideas for your Groups or FIT in Ottawa, check out this itinerary.

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