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Ottawa Attracts Top Tech Talent

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Ottawa continues to attract the wandering eye of some top tech talent out of the United States. According to new data released by job search website Indeed tech workers are clicking more and more on Canadian job links – specifically, jobs in Ottawa.

“Ottawa is the most appealing metro area for U.S. tech-job seekers,” revealed the study.

Canada has inched its way into the tech spotlight by attracting investments for cutting-edge technologies from global giants like Facebook and Alphabet, quickly becoming an international hub. It may come as no surprise that the biggest draw for U.S. talent to Canada’s Capital is not only the renaissance of our start-up scene but the fact we’re headquarters to one of the biggest names in e-commerce, Shopify.

Named the top Tech Hub to Live and Work in Canada in 2017 by Expert Market, Ottawa is at the forefront of tech making it an ideal destination for your next industry meeting or event.

The city is already home to some great events like SAAS NORTH, Canada’s first annual SaaS conference for founders, investors, executives and service providers to learn from and collaborate with each other. More than 1,200 delegates will meet with over 400 companies and network with 75 exhibitors at the Shaw Centre by day. But by night, the city will come alive with welcome receptions hosted at hotspot restaurants like Sidedoor and unforgettable closing parties in the National Gallery of Canada.

By reaching out to Ottawa Tourism early in the planning stages of your next event, you’ll be able to maximize the convention servicing tools at your disposal for one-of-a-kind suggestions for off-site venues and off-agenda activities that will speak to your attendees. We can help connect you with local leaders that share professional passions so you can see for yourself how Ottawa is changing the tech game. 

For innovators looking north, there’s no denying that Ottawa’s reputation as a hub is continuously turning heads and attracting the talent and the business to prove it.  

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