Ottawa’s Own

Joey Kidney


“I find with my content on mental health, it’s important to be in the correct environment.”

Joey Kidney has influence. His 750k+ YouTube subscribers flock to him for his specific brand of authenticity. His candid approach to mental health, happiness, and coping methods have gained him a loyal fanbase. Joey resides in Westboro with his trusty sidekick and best friend, Frankie the Aussie. Frankie and Ottawa are often featured in his videos where the love and support he has for his city always shines through. Joey stars, produces, and conceptualizes his YouTube videos, hosts “The Happy Times” podcast, and wrote a book called “What’s the Rush”. He still makes time to walk his dog Frankie along the Ottawa River, run his favourite pathway, and play and perform his music. He travels far and wide for meet & greets and events, but he’s always happiest when he’s back home.

Joey’s Ottawa Picks:

Romantic evening: Rideau Canal and BeaverTails
For inspiration: National Gallery of Canada
Best writing room: Ministry of Coffee
Friendly hang: Tennessy Willems, Lexington, or Charlotte
Great outdoors: Kìchì Sìbì Winter Trail, Gatineau Park

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