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Restaurant Meule et Caquelon

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Meule et Caquelon is definitely a special Swiss type restaurant, with a unique kitchen at the table concept. Contrary to fast food places, here it is "slow food". Depending on what you like, the "chefs" order, we will be providing and installing at your table either a Raclette Stove, a Raclette du Valais or a Chinese fondue apparatus. You, the chef, will then get full freedom to cook the food you like, the way you like it. Our main goal is for you to enjoy your dining experience. Should it be for a couple searching for a relaxing and intimate ambiance or a group of people looking forward to a fun evening together, Meule et Caquelon is the place to go. Fun evening, healthy food, relaxed atmosphere - what more can you ask for! Our speciality is cheese! Enjoy your meal with beef, chicken, fish, seafood, sausage and vegetables - the choice is yours to make. With a good bottle of wine, or with speciality beers to choose from, it is the perfect recipe for a delicious and wonderful meal. FUN FACTS: Waitresses and waiters dress with different, but all as fancy looking, traditional Swiss costumes. The restaurant is fully decorated to reproduce a Swiss atmosphere, not as cold as the Alps, but certainly out of the ordinary. You can always get warmed up at the fireplace.

More Details

74 Greber Boulevard Gatineau
Group Menu Available
Maximum Group Size
Average Dinner Entrée $
21 CAD to 30 CAD
Primary Type
Wine bar
Restaurant capacity (Full)
Serves Dinner (daily)

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