Water Canada Summit

Water Canada Summit

June 7-9, 2023

The 2023 Water Canada Summit in partnership with the Canadian Water and Wastewater Association is sparking innovation, inspiration, and conversations on the complete water cycle.


Water Canada Summit Riverkeepers
Ottawa Riverkeepers
Ottawa Riverkeeper, a charitable organization, is a champion and collective voice for the Ottawa River watershed, providing leadership and inspiration to protect, promote and improve its ecological health and future.
Water Canada Summit swim
Swim for Change
As an elite open water swimmer, Robert McGlashan knows a thing or two about the importance of water. Robert is the founder of Cold Crusade, involved in protecting the Great Lakes, and growing open water swimming communities.
Water Canada Summit TMU
TMU - Urban Water
Urban Water TMU is a multidisciplinary consortium of researchers who strive to solve complex urban water challenges through transdisciplinary research, strong external networks, and collaborative action.
Water Canada Summit Downstream
A speed networking event designed to bring current and future generations of water industry professionals together to cultivate an inclusive, diverse, and thriving water sector.
Water Canada Summit CWWA
CWWA is a non-profit national body representing the common interests of Canada’s public sector municipal water and wastewater services and their private sector suppliers and partners.
Water Canada Summit WaterShed Monitoring
WaterShed Monitoring
A winning combination of scientific expertise and technological solutions to optimize the management of the entire water cycle.

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