Somerset Street Chinatown


Ottawa’s Chinatown is a multicultural community bursting with flavour, art, street festivals and more.

Food + Drinks

Chinatown showcases the diversity of Chinese cuisine, ranging from traditional to contemporary interpretations. From beloved dim sum establishments that serve delicate dumplings and steamed buns to noodle houses offering aromatic bowls of comforting soups, every corner of Chinatown is a treasure trove for foodies.

Beyond Chinese cuisine, Chinatown also embraces the multicultural essence of Ottawa, with a sprinkle of Vietnamese, Thai and other Asian flavours. This neighbourhood is a vibrant cultural experience where aromas, colours and tastes combine to create an unforgettable dining adventure.

Arts + Culture

Chinatown is a vibrant hub of arts and culture that reflects the area’s diverse heritage. As you wander through the neighbourhood, you’ll be greeted by a fusion of traditional and modern elements that celebrate Asian cultures. Art galleries, cultural spots and shops showcase the area’s creative spirit.

Chinatown hosts events and festivals that pay homage to the traditions of various Asian communities, fostering a sense of unity and appreciation among locals and tourists alike. The architecture itself, with its ornate and decorative detailing, provides a visual connection to the cultural roots that define this neighbourhood.

Outdoor activities

There are a variety of nearby parks in surrounding Chinatown for everyone to enjoy. Just steps away from the energetic streets, you’ll find Dundonald Park, with its open lawns and shaded areas, invites picnics, leisurely strolls and relaxation. As you explore the area, you’ll also find walking paths that allow you to take in the sights and sounds of the neighbourhood while enjoying the fresh outdoor air.  


The bustling streets of Ottawa’s Chinatown are adorned with plenty of shops and markets offering a range of Asian goods and treasures. With storefronts displaying intricate Chinese calligraphy and artwork to quaint boutiques filled with clothing, accessories and trinkets, shopping in Chinatown is an unforgettable experience.

Specialty stores offer a vast selection of authentic Asian ingredients, spices and teas, providing culinary enthusiasts with a chance to explore new flavours. The neighbourhood’s markets boast a colourful selection of fresh produce, seafood and international products that are staples of Asian cuisine.


Adding an extra layer of allure to Chinatown’s dynamic neighbourhood is its unique nightlife. The nightlife here offers a diverse range of experiences, from cozy bars where you can enjoy craft cocktails and intimate conversations, to lively karaoke spots where you can belt out your favourite tunes with friends. There are also plenty of late-night eateries that serve up delicious dishes long after sunset.

Major annual events + sports

The Lunar New Year festivities illuminate the district with colourful parades, traditional lion dances and cultural showcases that capture the essence of the holiday.

The annual Night Market envelopes the streets in a bustling carnival atmosphere, offering multiple options of Asian street food, live entertainment and artisanal goods. These events not only celebrate the rich heritage of Ottawa’s Chinatown but also serve as a platform for cultural exchange, fostering unity and appreciation among both locals and tourists.

Explore the Chinatown neighbourhood

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How to get to Chinatown

Centred around Somerset Street West, between Centretown and Little Italy (just west of Bronson Avenue), Chinatown is accessible via car, bus and bike. Check out the Ottawa Chinatown BIA website for information on directions and parking.

Discover businesses in Chinatown

Le Poisson Bleu
Le Poisson Bleu
Discover a new culinary adventure in the heart of Central Ottawa, where creativity and sustainability shine through the unique fish-dominant menu.
Spark Beer
Brewery and pizzeria located in Ottawa's beautiful Chinatown featuring hoppy, sour and all-around fun beers brewed on site.
Yangtze Dining Lounge
Located in the heart of Chinatown, we specialize in Cantonese and Szechuan Cuisine and also offer an extensive selection of Dim Sum.

Find more businesses on the Somerset Street Chinatown BIA website.

Upcoming events in Chinatown

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