Aerial, Parliament, Ottawa River

Ottawa Destination Stewardship Plan

We are all stewards of our destination, with a shared interest in shepherding Ottawa into a greener, more equitable society and economy.

Coming out of COVID-19, the tourism sector has a real opportunity to help drive the recovery of Ottawa in a way that can sustainably contribute to our economy and quality of life, for generations to come.

Ottawa’s Destination Stewardship Plan is our collective 10-year roadmap to ensure the long-term prosperity of our destination, encompassing tourism as a shared community value at its heart, and a vision to make Ottawa one of Canada’s most visited, vibrant and valued urban destinations. 

The Destination Stewardship Plan was developed by place strategy experts Resonance Consultancy and revolves around eight strategic focus areas that were identified through extensive research and consultation with our residents, stakeholders, and target audiences.

Read the plan linked below to learn how we can work together as a community to cultivate our shared vision for Ottawa, find opportunities and channels to success, and strive to make our city a great place to visit, work, study and live – now, and into the future. You can also watch the video below to see a high-level summary of the plan.

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