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Ottawa-area flying club with a friendly atmosphere and a wide range of air and ground services convenient to downtown.

Established in 1961, the Rockcliffe Flying Club offers lessons, tours and an arrival point for visitors traveling by private aircraft, charter flights and helicopters. Led by experienced pilots, the Rockcliffe Flying Club’s sightseeing tours allow visitors and residents alike to experience the stunning beauty of Ottawa from above. The Club’s exciting fly-in events feature a diverse range of aircraft, highlighting the rich history and technological advancements in aviation for enthusiasts and curious tourists alike.

The Rockcliffe Flying Club is a Transport Canada approved Flight Training School with a ground and air instruction syllabus that includes training toward the Recreational Pilot Permit and Private Pilot Licenses, the Night Rating, VFR OTT as well as the Instrument Rating.

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1495 Sir-George-Étienne-Cartier Parkway Ottawa

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