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How to organize your hybrid events in Ottawa

What are the advantages of hybrid events?

Face-to-face meetings will always create memorable experiences and drive business forward, however, the virtual component will now be more common as a fixed component in many programs.

Organizing a hybrid event means hosting your event in multiple locations, in a live event space (such as a conference room) with at a minimum the event team, AV supplier and a small number of attendees who gather in person, depending on the local restrictions. Hosting hybrid events in several cities across the country or internationally means multiple conference spaces booked in several cities where small groups of people are attending live. The virtual space is the “location” in which your virtual attendees will be watching and interacting.

The multi-hub concept has several benefits, specifically in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Delegates can choose to attend either online or at a local or regional event, reducing travel time – which has a financial impact for the organization as well as a positive sustainable impact on the planet. Whether hybrid events are a short-term solution or here to stay, they are part of the new reality for the business events industry.

Ottawa is the perfect place to host hybrid events

Ottawa has a great reputation as a tech city and will give you easy access to talented expert speakers and resources.

For those attending an event, our mid-sized, walkable city, which has an abundance of wide-open spaces and outdoor activities, is the perfect setting to set delegate minds at ease.

For virtual attendees, our local attractions have developed great options to virtually experience Canada’s capital region, through virtual tours, activities and performances.

How we can help

Ottawa Tourism can offer you easy access to our network of partners, who are used to working together. Our team will connect you with service providers that have virtual and hybrid events design expertise, and venues that can offer unique hybrid meeting spaces.

Discover Ottawa’s meeting services suppliers that are ready to help with technologies, on-site facilities, and services to make all types of meetings more productive and memorable.


The Westin Ottawa
The Westin Ottawa

The Westin Ottawa has created an immersive and creative virtual studio in its Provinces ballroom with PSAV MeetSafe policy and technology.

Fairmont Château Laurier
Fairmont Château Laurier

The Fairmont Chateau Laurier is setting up a virtual studio in its magnificent venue.

Ottawa Marriott
Ottawa Marriott

The Ottawa Marriott, in partnership with Encore, are now offering a virtual/hybrid presentation stage, nestled in the modernized Victoria Ballroom.

Shaw Centre
Shaw Centre

The Shaw Centre offers virtual broadcast studios, in partnership with Encore, so you can deliver your message with confidence and piece of mind.

Canadian Museum of History
Canadian Museum of History

The Canadian Museum of History Theatre is equipped with a stage which is ideal for a broadcasting, with built-in screen and projectors.

Canadian War Museum
Canadian War Museum

The Canadian War Museum can accommodate hybrid events for broadcasting in the Barney Danson Theatre.


Baldwin Audio Visual Rentals
Baldwin Audio Visual

Baldwin offers webcasting, webinars, video conferencing and teleconferencing solutions to help you move into an era of hybrid online/in-person events.

Intertask Conferences
Intertask Conferences

Intertask Conferences offer consulting and implementation services to help organizations grow their exhibition revenues within virtual environments.

Leverage your meetings with the Hybrid City Alliance

The Hybrid City Alliance offers organizers of international events a solution when organizing multiple city hub events. The destination partners in the alliance are ready to act as one point of contact to streamline and simplify the clients’ interaction with multiple cities regarding one event.

The members of the Hybrid City Alliance, though very different in their own right, have similarities that make them ideal partners. Conferences and meetings spread across the hubs will be aligned in terms of destination size, offering, speciality, welcome and feel.

The members of the alliance to date are:

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Theresa Gatto, CMP, Senior Manager Business Events

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