Ottawa’s sweets and treats

Ottawa is a very sweet city. Don’t believe us? Try these decadent desserts that Canada’s Capital City has to offer and see for yourself.


Find the iconic BeaverTails stand in the heart of ByWard Market neighbourhood. A trip to Ottawa is not complete without sampling this classic Canadian pastry, named because of its resemblance to an actual beaver tail. These Canadian treats can be topped with cinnamon and sugar, bananas and chocolate, maple bacon, Reese’s Pieces and more. BeaverTails uses 33.5 tonnes of their chocolate hazelnut spread per year (which is equivalent to 67 moose and 11 beavers by Canadian measurements).

The Cupcake Lounge

The Cupcake Lounge specializes in gourmet cupcakes. They have staple flavours like chocolate, vanilla and red velvet available every day as well as specialty seasonal flavours that rotate throughout the week (check their website). Some unique cupcakes are matcha green tea, white chocolate strawberry, cookie dough and chocolate peanut butter. If cupcakes aren’t your thing, try one of their other delicious treats, like toffee, brownies and alfajores. Their locations are licensed and they have wine pairing suggestions.

Maverick’s Donuts

The five businessmen who started Mavericks Donuts love making the doughy treats. Their doughnuts are made fresh each day and with flavours like cherry cheesecake, lemon ricotta, PB&J and bacon on maple icing. If you’re feeling creative or craving something not on their menu, you can customize your own doughnut. Start with vanilla, chocolate maple or caramel glaze and then top it with more than 15 different topping options, ranging from fruit loops to crushed chocolate bars.

Life Of Pie

Life of Pie was created by a hobby baker who was told by her friends that she needed to sell her pies. All pies are baked fresh every day without preservatives and with locally-sourced ingredients. Check the website ahead of time to see which of the different kind of pies are available for your visit. You can place an order for a full, freshly baked pie to take home, or you can order an un-baked pie to store in your freezer until you are ready to bake it yourself. Classes are offered throughout the week, so you can learn how to expertly bake pies, tarts, quiche, scones and more.

Little Jo Berry’s

Little Jo Berry's is a vegan bakery located in the trendy Wellington Village neighbourhood and serves some of the most delicious sweets and beverages around. All of their baked goods are 100% dairy and egg free, and certain items are also gluten free. The vegan Poptarts are the most popular menu item, while other favourites include Twinkies, “Cookie Crunches,” chai spice cake and matcha scones.

Stella Luna

Stella Luna Gelato Cafe has won multiple awards around the world (including in Italy)! Since opening its original location in the Old Ottawa South neighbourhood in 2011, the owner opened a second location in the Hintonburg area. On Sunday nights between 9 p.m. and 10 p.m. the gelato is 40% off, but arrive a couple minutes early to avoid a long line. Stella Luna also has a vintage gelato push cart that moves around the city. Check the feature on their website to see where the cart is located - it might be right around the corner!


SuzyQ Doughnuts is always coming up with new and interesting flavours. Some of their classics include maple bacon, cookies n’ cream, salty caramel and dirty chocolate. They also offer seasonal and experimental doughnuts like blue vanilla Fruit Loop, mango lassi and London fog. To make their doughnuts, SuzyQ follows the traditional Finnish recipe for Sugar Munkki. In 1940, a family that escaped the Winter War in Finland brought the recipe to their new home in Ottawa. The rest is SuzyQ history!

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